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Selection # P1150  -   $55.00

Our most popular blooming Plant! Hydrangeas are available most times of the year. Hydrangeas are available in Pink, Blue, Purple and White. Color selection and availability varies. Blue and Purple Hydrangeas are less readily available than Pink. Please select a first and second color choice.

Ceramic containers will vary.

For delivery within the Portland /Vancouver metro area. Please call for availability outside the Portland/Vancouver area.

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The Name Hydrangeas comes from the Greek ” “hydor,” meaning water. Hydrangeas should not be allowed to dry out. Water daily but do not let the plant sit in water. If a hydrangea becomes too dry the leaves will curl and the blossoms wilt. Hydrangeas can be resuscitated by submerging the soil and pot in a in a pan of deep water, and allow it to remain until the soil ball is thoroughly wetted. Drain and replace. It may take several hours for the plant to revive.


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