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Selection # P1410  -   $89.00

The beauty of the English Garden can be brought indoors with this garden. Shades of pink, a Gerbera Daisy and Begonia plant, center the Garden Basket, a vivid blue Hydrangea backs the garden while a deep colored Violet and ivy borders the front of the garden, all in a dark stained wicker basket.

Approximate size: 19H x 18W

The plants, with the exception of the Blue Hydrangea are available year round in the Portland area. Hydrangeas may not be available in all parts of the United States. An Azalea will be substituted when Hydrangeas are unavailable.

Note. English Ivy can no longer legally be sold in Oregon. Another green plant will be substituted for the ivy shown.

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The Name Hydrangeas comes Greek ” “hydor,” meaning water. Hydrangeas should not be allowed to dry out. Water daily but do not let the plant sit in water! If a hydrangea becomes too dry the leaves will curl and the blossoms wilt. Hydrangeas can be resuscitated by submerging the soil and pot in a in a pan of deep water, and allow it to remain until the soil ball is thoroughly wetted. Drain and replace. It may take several hours for the plant to revive.