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Selection: O500 $ 39.00

Nothing can compare to the grace and beauty of orchids. Shown is a miniature Purple Phalaenopsis displayed in a Contemporary Square Metal Pot.

Please call to verify availability of other novelty Orchids and colors of Miniature Phalaenoposis or to change the container to another selection.

For delivery within the Portland /Vancouver metro area only. Call for delivery outside of the Portland area for availability and pricing.

Care and Handling:
Once in bloom Phalaenopsis Orchids may take low to moderate light. Water every 8- to 12 days if potted in bark, every 10 to 14 days if potted in moss. Blooms may last for several months. Water with tepid water and let drain. Orchids cannot tolerate standing in water. Blooms may last for months. Avoid drafts and extreme temperature change.

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