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Orchid 900 - $129.00

Each Bloom Flaunts it’s Beauty! Often fragrant, always breathtaking. Cymbidium Orchid plants are available in several colors including White, Golden Yellow, Green, Brown and Pink (as shown.) Please specify first and second color choice. Plant will have three to four flower spikes.

Cymbidium plants are readily available December through April. Call for Availability May through November. Please order several days prior to delivery or call to verify availability. Containers will vary based upon the size of the Orchid Growers Pots (which vary from grower to grower.)

For delivery within the Portland /Vancouver metro area only. Call for delivery outside of the Portland area for availability and pricing.

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Note: Heat and Bright light will hasten the blooms to open and drop . Cymbidium plants prefer cooler temperatures (50-65 degrees), need good drainage but should not be allowed to dry out.


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