HIGH STYLE tropical

Dramatic, yet Minimal! Strong Lines, Exotic Flowers!

T201  $62.00

T301  $100.00

T400  $69.00

T460  $125.00

T520  $55.00

T565 $60.00

T611  $40.00

T660  $70.00

T701  $75.00

T800  $35.00

T951  $69.00

T1015  $65.00

T1255  $99.00

T1350  $125.00

T1450  $129.00

T1520  $79.00
T1610  $75.00
On occasion flowers shown or containers may sell out. Tropical flowers especially Ginger and Bird’s of Paradise are flown in from Hawaii and may take a day or two to restock. We will notify you if there is a problem. Ordering ahead helps. Also ceramic containers shown do sell out. We stock all the containers shown but we as well as the manufacturers sell out . Again we will notify you if this happens and apologize if you had your heart set on a specific container.
Gifford’s makes ordering flowers on-line easy. For that last minute need, special request, custom design, or if you just prefer that human touch, call us.
1-800-875-9193 or (503) 222-9193.