Happy Holidays

We are fortunate to live in Portland, Oregon and have access to a great selection of flowers. Even during the Holidays we have local growers who supply us with Amaryllis, Tulips and Narcissus. Also, we stock an extensive selection of wonderful and unique containers. The designs you see on our web site are ours and may not be able to be reproduced by florists everywhere. We have noted when possible designs that could be more easily replicated. Call us at 1 800 875-9193 or 503 222-9193 with any questions. Thank-you, Gifford’s Flowers

HC420  $99.00
HC700  69.00

HC 810 $ 70.00

HC900  $19.99 - 69.99
HC901A $65.00

HC903  $145.00
HC950  $60.00

HC 1015 $ 85.00
HC1430  $69.00

HC 1500 $ 28.00

Gifford’s makes ordering flowers on-line easy. For that last minute need, special request, custom design, or if you just prefer that human touch, call us.
1-800-875-9193 or (503) 222-9193.