Sprays, Wreaths, Hearts

Easel Sprays, Wreaths, Hearts and Arrangements in Mache or Urns are good choices for Funeral and Memorial Services. They show up well in large spaces (such as a Church) and can be safely transported to the gravesite. They are also ideal for Gravesite Ceremonies where conditions may be challenging for less stable designs.

S310 $365.00

A Quiet Tribute in a monochromatic color scheme of White and Off-White Spray Roses, Lilies, Carnations and Dendrobium Orchids
S315  $260.00

S318 $325.00

S326 $ 135.00

S330 $240.00
S360 $1195.00

S460 $260.00
S470 $315.00
S510 $175.00

S551  $ 399.00

S560 $ 325.00

S575 $210.00
A Vibrant spray of bright Yellow-Orange Gerber Daisies , Pink Roses, Bi-color Carnations, Bells of Ireland and Hydrangea blossoms on a Grapevine Wreath
S580  $260.00

S610 $390.00

S620 $265.00

S635 $300.00

S651  $ 350.00

S655 $350.00
S690  $ 375.00
Tropical Flowers are available year round but to ensure Availability order at least two days prior. Or Call 1800 875-9193 for availability.

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